Scheduled Servicing

With each Porsche, comes a slightly different servicing schedule. Maybe your PDK oil change is due every 6 years or possibly every 12. Thankfully we are at hand to keep your service record up to date and advise on exactly what is due every year, two years, 6000, 12000 or 20000 miles. We could go on.

Wheel Alignment

This can have a transformative effect on how your Porsche handles, so we use the latest 4 wheel alignment machine, which is equally happy in our workshop or trackside. From getting the best handling and wear from your new tyres or setting you up for your next track day or Hill Climb, we remind you that handling is why you bought a Porsche.

Exhaust Systems

Like a new dress or suit, exhaust systems are very much based on personal preference. We can help guide you through all the Porsche original equipment options, or OEM alternatives, using our great advisors and suppliers.


When it comes to tyres, your Porsche deserves the best and we endeavour to supply and fit the tyres that were designed with Porsche, for your vehicle. Sometimes quick doesn’t mean careful, so we take time to look after your wheels. Precision balancing


Pre or sometimes Post purchase inspections are a vital step to owning a Porsche. Over 70% of Porsche’s are still on the road and by carrying out a detailed inspection, a borescope and a rev range check, we can insure you are selecting the right one.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is an essential feature of most Porsches but maintenance often gets forgotten. An air conditioning service not only recharges the system, but checks for leaks, provides an optional anti-bacterial treatment and might just save a larger repair bill in the future.